Alice and Magnus's Joyride

My breasts bounced up and down as I hurriedly rushed to the bus stand. Come to think of it, having nipple stickers pasted on these big melons this morning wasn't the wisest choice I made since this day has begun. On top of that I am wearing a white button-down shirt that is way too tight around my chest. (Everything else was in the laundry) And by tight, I mean the buttons are barely holding these together, ready to pop out any second. All the weight I gain seems to accumulate on my chest. And as a petite lady, I wish they would stop growing.

I had my blue BMO backpack on (Yes, BMO as in Finn and Jake's living video game console) and air pods in my ears listening to Opeth. One would say my music taste and my aesthetics are contradictory. I'm a peachy south Asian with kawai hairclips and bow tie hair bands on my jet-black luscious hair who happens to listen to heavy metal.

The very moment I got on the bus; our eyes locked with each other. His amber brown eyes and prominent cocoa glowing skin caught my attention. I immediately start crushing on him. The veins on his arms, toned muscles and the v shape visible on the torso from the slightly see through basic white shirt made me aroused with my nipples getting harder.

He was seated on the last row. There weren't many passengers as I looked around. Seems like any other mundane day on the bus. Except, for him of course.

The next stop is forty-five mins away. I didn't care the very least where he was headed. All I cared about was what I could do to him in those forty-five minutes.

I'm already fantasizing about the nasty little things I could do to him.

I casually put my slick black hair behind my shoulders to show off my perky breasts and sat directly opposite to him. I'm Alice, I introduce myself with a smile.

"I'm Magnus, Magnus Potter." He responds with a smile.

Making sure his gaze was fixed on me as I unwrap a lollipop I had in my backpack. I slowly start licking the red lollipop all over with the tip of my tongue with my saliva drooling down the lollipop stick and then putting the whole thing back in my mouth.

I can see the enjoyment on his face, I was merely demonstrating my blowjob skills on a lollipop. I suck a finger in my mouth and then put in one more twisting and turning.

I slowly move my legs apart to show him the pastel pink panties I'm wearing.

I know he is excited. Cause I can see it getting bigger and bigger, ready to bulge out from his pants. This further excites me. I can feel my pussy pulsating, thirsty for his cock.

I lift my whit tennis skirt slightly and slide my finger into my wet vagina going back and forth. I take it out and put those same fingers into my mouth.

I see him glaring at my chest.

"Oh, these beauties are real" I assure him.

"I can tell." he said without lifting his gaze.

He's had enough of my torturous teasing, how I know this you ask?

Next thing I know, he stands up and sits right next to me. Without hesitation he licked my neck down to the collarbone to my cleavage. He put his hand on my perky breasts and gives them a few squeezes.

I can feel my underwear soaking with wetness.

He whispers "If you want, I'd love to fuck you right here, right now"

The exhibitionist in me of course instantly agreed.

It was a fantasy come true for me.

He puts his hand between my thighs and starts rubbing my pussy gently in a circular motion right over my underwear.

"It's my turn to tease the fuck out of you Alice. You've had your fun, now let me have mine."

We didn't care if we were on public transport with other passengers on board. Frankly I didn't really All that mattered to us; to two horny human beings, were to get it on. And to get it on, HARD.

He stands up, holds me from the waist and pulls me towards him. As he does, I wrap my legs around his hips. He turns to sit and I'm in a frog pose on his lap with my legs apart; spread across his crotch.

His penis is bulging out straight on to my wet ass pussy.

I caress his dick with my pussy using slight movements going up and down. He let's out a moan.

I remove my panties from under my white tennis skirt.

He thrusts his penis inside my tight vagina. This time I let out a moan. It's the perfect girth for my hoe little pussy.

He thrusts inside me again. And again.

I can no longer vault my moans. How can I? Every thrust hits the g-spot every single time.

My breasts bounce up and down on his face. His face is cushioned with boobs.

Everybody's heads have turned to the back of the bus. I simply didn't care to stop. I see the arousal on everyone's faces. They may as well enjoy the show I thought to myself.

I got off his lap and knelt down on my knees.

I ran the tip of my tongue all over his dick first then I gathered up enough saliva to give his dick a slippery blow. I spit all of the saliva onto his dick.

Then. I dived my head in. My head coming up and going back down. Taking it off my mouth only when necessary, that too for some air.

Not going to lie. For someone who can blow someone with ease. I have to admit I gagged on his penis several times. And he made sure I gaged holding my hair and pressing myself into his crotch area.

As I stood up, I saw one dude really enjoying himself to our nasty little show. He winked at me. My red lipstick and saliva had been smudged all over my mouth.

I turned around, my ass facing towards him, lifted my skirt up and sat on his penis lifting my hips up and down. I kept ridding him till I could feel his penis being filled with cum ready to shoot out.

Not many seconds later, he came inside me. The cum is dripping down my pussy as I stand up.

Just after we've finished, my button that was barely holding my boobs together popped out and it hit Magnus's face. Whoops... right?


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