Jen's Trip to the Beach Pt. 01

Jen picked up her bag, checking their spot on the beach to make sure she wasn't forgetting anything. Satisfied she had it all, she set out to follow her husband, Allan, to the bank of change room tents. Her pace was slow and lazy and she did a lot of people watching as she meandered along the sand. She loved the beach, but a day in the sun made her drowsy. She was ready to get out of the sun and find somewhere cool to have dinner.

She looked back to make sure Ben, their son, was coming too. Smiling, she noted again that he was very suited to hanging out at the beach. His tanned, muscular, chest had all of the girls swooning that day, something he hadn't failed to notice. More than once Jen had watched as he talked to a group of girls his age, but it wasn't just the ones his age who were watching. She had noted many of the older women keeping an eye on him as well.

Ben, bringing up the rear, smiled at her and picked up his pace to a jog, passing her to join his father. Several female heads turned to watch. He was certainly enjoying the attention, as any 19-year-old straight man would.

They made their way to the change tents, which were a 10-minute walk up the beach, but by the time she arrived both Allan and Ben had disappeared into them. How had they bypassed the long line of people waiting to use them?

She called out softly, "Allan!"

"Here!" came the returning call, and she headed to the tent that seemed most likely.

Trying to avoid the stares of the people in line, Jen ducked into the tent quickly. She was confused to see that the naked man inside wasn't her husband. She let out an 'eep' when she recognized her son, fully naked, facing away from her. Hearing her exclamation, Ben turned around, a confused look on his face.

She couldn't help it; it was human nature to look. As he turned, she glanced down at his crotch, and she was stunned to see a hefty penis dangling between his legs. It was of decent length and girth even when soft, and the circumcised head topped the package off perfectly. She had never seen one so well formed. It was truly beautiful, as if carved to portray a Greek god.

What should have been a quick dip of the eyes turned into a thorough examination, as she involuntarily committed it all to memory. The length, width, texture and colour. Belatedly she dragged her eyes up to see Ben staring at her, his face red. He covered up and whispered, "Mom!"

Jen shook her head and stammered out, "Sorry, wrong tent."

She ducked out and found there was another tent behind her son's. She called out again and was happy to hear Allan's voice inside. She hurried in and made sure to avoid looking directly at him, sure that he would see how red her face was from the awkward encounter next door.

She started to change quickly, trying to rationalize what had happened. Walking in on her son was a mistake, plain and simple. It could happen to anyone. No one was hurt. She would just apologize. She hadn't meant to stare, she was surprised. She kept up the stream of excuses as she took her bikini top off, and it was only as she rubbed the sand off of her breasts did she register that she was in a rather heightened state of arousal. Her nipples were rock hard, the size of thimbles, poking straight out. She couldn't resist pinching one of them, feeling an echoing pulse in her pussy. Her moist pussy.

Embarrassed, Jen listened for Allan to finish changing and leave. Him being gone eased her anxiety that he would see how aroused she was. Her rationalization mantra of the encounter with Ben changed to rationalizing her arousal. It was a normal reaction to seeing an attractive penis, no matter who it was attached to. She didn't have control over her body's natural functions. It would be weird not to be turned on at least a little bit by a naked cock so close to her.

She paused and let out a big sigh. The mental gymnastics were silly. It wasn't a big deal, she just needed to apologize.

Jen finished changing into some half pants and a sleeveless button-up white blouse and grabbed her bag. Outside both Allen and Ben were waiting, dressed in similar light summer wear.

With a deep breath, Jen said, "Sorry I walked in on you. I mistook which tent your father was in."

Allan raised an eyebrow while Ben said, "Don't worry about it. You didn't see anything, I'm sure."

She laughed in relief at his olive branch and jumped on it. "Yes, that's true. Still, I should have made sure I had the right tent." She pushed the memory of her son's penis away.

Allan shrugged. "No harm, no foul. Let's get something to eat."

They made their way to their hotel and ate a delicious meal at the house restaurant. Nothing fancy, but filling.

As they did, they discussed the itinerary for the next day. Allan had their trip down the coast fairly well scheduled, but there was enough wiggle room to be spontaneous. Tomorrow was not a wiggle room day. They had to pack up and check out and then drive for a few hours to the next town over where they had another hotel booked. Jen hated these days, as it took so much convincing for Allen to stop for a spontaneous side adventure, but she had to admit that he tried to keep time open other days.

After dinner Allan went from the restaurant to the bar to have a few drinks and see if there was a hockey game on. Ben left to go find some trouble, probably in the form of a girl. Jen just wanted to hang out in the hotel room before bed. She got to their room and had a cool shower before changing into a knee length nightie. She watched her full breasts bounce in the mirror as she wiggled to get the material to drop after bunching up on her hips. She winked in the mirror at herself. She enjoyed watching her body move even at 40 years old. She brushed out her long, auburn hair and drank a glass of water before climbing into the bed furthest from the washroom. All three of them were sharing a room with two queen beds to save on costs and so she was careful to wear appropriate clothing at all times.

She lazily flipped through the channels available, and by nine o'clock felt herself drifting to sleep, so she turned the TV off.

Several hours later she woke to the sound of her husband breathing next to her. He was snoring a bit, which he usually did after a few drinks. The spike of pressure in her bladder reminded her why she woke up, so she rolled out of bed to use the toilet. The room was pitch black and she stumbled half-awake to the washroom. She kept the light off and went pee in the dark before stumbling back to bed.

Somehow her husband had rolled over to her side after she left, so she had to wiggle and shove some room for her to lay down. Her attempts to make room caused him to roll over, giving her enough room to get fully under the covers. Sleep returned.

Sometime later she woke up again to feel her husband pressed up against her side, his hand on her breast. She patted it absently, and he squeezed her boob in return, sending a pleasurable warmth through her body. She looked to see if he was asleep, or if he was looking for some action. In the dark all she could make out was his outline, but he did seem to be sleeping. She was disappointed that he wasn't trying to start something, but also glad because Ben was in the same room.

She lay there a minute, drifting off to sleep again when she felt something stir against her thigh. She smiled as the movement crept up her leg and eventually formed into an iron rod poking into her hip. Thinking she'd like a feel of her own, Jen moved her hand down and found his cock by feel, encased in his boxers. She wormed her hand into the hole in the front of his underwear, and lightly wrapped her hand around his erect cock. A grin spread across her face in delight at how hard it was, but then faded away in confusion. This wasn't the normal penis she was used to! Quickly tearing her hand out of the underwear, she pushed to the edge of the bed, Ben's hand falling off of her breast. He reached out to her, mumbling in his sleep, but she kept going and fell onto the floor with a thump.

Her heart beating fast, she paused to make sure no one had heard her. Satisfied they were all asleep, she stood up and walked to her own bed. She was glad to join her husband in their bed. It took her a long time to calm down enough to fall asleep. In that time, she did her best to push the feel of her son's erect penis far, far down in her mind. That wasn't something she wanted to dwell on.


The next morning Allan and Ben woke up full of energy, bouncing around and packing, while Jen lay in bed and cursed morning people. She reluctantly got up after her husband pestered her about his schedule for the third time. In the bathroom she showered and fought to forget all about her nighttime adventure. It was another innocent mistake, and this time no one was the wiser. Move on, Jen, she thought. Shit happens.

Her early morning time lying awake not thinking of her son's penis hadn't done much to rejuvenate her, so Jen planned on napping for most of the drive. She skipped coffee and just had some orange juice with a muffin. Her husband and son chatted away on either side of her at the breakfast table, insufferably chipper.

"Are you okay?" Allen asked.

She nodded listlessly. "Yeah, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. Probably a bad dream."

"Really? I had a great dream last night," said Ben. "I don't remember it exactly but it sure put me in a good mood."

"Great for you," Jen muttered. She tried not to think about why her son might have had a good dream, or if it might have been real.

After breakfast, with the car packed up, Jen took the back seat. She intended to lay down to nap but then Allen jumped in on the other side.

"What are you doing? Aren't you driving?" she asked, slightly annoyed.

"Nope, Ben is driving. He says he has a shortcut. I think it's a mistake, so I'm going to sit back here and avoid saying anything." He picked up his e-reader and pointedly ignored their son in the driver's seat.

"A shortcut? Down a coast? Is this just an excuse to drive?" she asked Ben.

"Yep, a shortcut. The coast road winds a lot, this route cuts across all that and will shorten the drive by an hour."

Jen yawned and shrugged. "Whatever. Just don't wake me."

She tried to arrange herself against the door, looking for a comfy position to sleep in, but nothing was working. For 20 minutes she tossed and turned, cursing her husband's presence in the back seat.

She looked over at him and said, "Can I lay down on your lap, babe? I just can't get comfortable."

Allen nodded and lifted his arms up from his lap. "Go ahead."

She lay down on his lap and snuggled in, almost instantly falling asleep.

She woke up periodically over the next several hours, but only enough to shift position and fall back asleep. At one point she thought that Allen was moving her around but he soon stopped and she was back to dreamland.

Dreamland proved to be a vivid place that day. At one point she was back in bed with her son the night before, only this time she didn't recoil after learning it was him. She explored his hard cock longer, getting to know every contour, and her brain had no issue providing the details she had tried to suppress. Despite the owner she found that it was a very interesting penis, one that earlier in life she'd have had no qualms introducing to any and all of her orifices.

What felt like several hours later, Jen put her hand under her head on Allen's lap to cushion her face. The texture of his shorts was becoming uncomfortable. She was sinking down into dreamland again and then stopped part way when she felt a lump under her hand. She moved her fingers and found that the lump was the right size and shape of a man's erect penis. Letting out a low 'mmmm' she gripped it and felt it surge under her. This was the cock she thought she was touching last night.

She squeezed the erect rod under her head lightly and muzzily tried to remember the last time they had made love. The family had been on this road trip for 3 days now. Before that Allen had been away for a week. So, it was 10 days total, and the fact she was ready to fool around in bed last night, despite Ben being in the room, proved she was primed. The lump in her hand proved he was missing the action as much as she was.

Jen knew they couldn't do anything, but wanted to let him know that she was thinking of him, so she rubbed his penis through the light material for a while. Just as Jen drifted off to sleep again, she heard her husband say, "I think I'm about done, can you drive again, Ben?" The words were stored away in her memory for later contemplation.

The later contemplation started when she woke up, right as the car stopped in front of a hotel lobby. Jen sat up and looked to see Allen in the same spot he'd been in when she went to sleep. She sat there, groggy, recalling what he'd said the last time she fell asleep. Confused, she looked at Allen and said, "Were you sitting here the whole time?"

His eyes widened. "Man, you were out of it! Ben and I swapped a couple times to give him a break."

"So... I was lying on Ben's lap at one point?"

He nodded. "Yep. We didn't want to take away your pillow, so he offered to take my place."

A jolt of cold fear washed over Jen as she recalled the erection she'd been fondling. Was that Ben's? Was it a dream? She started to ask Allen if he'd had an erection at one point while she was sleeping and then realized that would expose Ben if it was him. She just closed her mouth and fixed her hair before getting out of the car.

Had she fondled Ben's penis? Did he get an erection with his own Mom's head in his lap? She started to get angry before remembering that spontaneous erections were a common occurrence for teenagers, so he probably wasn't to blame. That didn't take her off the hook for her own actions. She groaned and closed her eyes as she realized how embarrassed he would be feeling right now. His own Mom, touching him like that!

She shook her head to snap out of that train of thought. Maybe it hadn't been him she was fondling. If it was, she needed to apologize, but she didn't know for sure. Feeling quite confused, Jen grabbed her bag from the car and followed Allen and Ben into the lobby.

Allen stepped up to the front desk and Ben wandered off to check out a brochure stand of local attractions. Now was her chance. She left her bag at the desk and walked over to Ben.

"Hey. I just want to make sure you were okay with me sleeping on your lap. I hope it wasn't too uncomfortable." She kept an eye on his reaction to see if he was upset about it.

"Oh no, you were fine. Your head is quite light." He smiled at her and turned back to the rack.

He didn't seem upset. Maybe it was a dream? "Was I moving around or talking in my sleep? I was having some crazy dreams."

Again, no weird reactions as he said, "You slept like a log. You even snored at one point."

This was an inside joke between them. He insisted that she snored, and she insisted that she didn't. She relaxed a bit as she concluded that nothing had happened with him that she should regret.

"I don't snore! You are a stone-faced liar, sir!" she said, with a happy grin. Her relief at not having touched him - again - was a soothing balm.

She joined Allen just as he was accepting two key cards from the clerk. He looked over and said, "Well, we made it, and Ben's shortcut was correct, we're here early. You two see anything you want to check out with the extra time?"

Jen smiled and walked back to the rack, plucking out one of the brochures. "Yep! I want to go here and get a sauna." She held up the brochure for a local spa.

The desk clerk spoke up, and said, "Actually Ma'am that spa is based here in the hotel. I can provide you with a discount code if you would like to book a sauna for today."

Jen felt her smile turn triumphant and she said to him, "Yes, yes I would."

Allen and Ben rolled their eyes but kept quiet on the subject. Her husband said, "I'll take the bags up to our room, you book whatever you want to book."

"Wait, I want to go right away. Let me just grab something to wear." She dug out a combo of light silk shorts and a bikini top, before letting the boys go to the room.

The brochure listed all of the available services. It turned out the 'spa' was just a collection of pools, saunas and steam rooms. Mulling over the limited options, she thought about what would be the most relaxing. She was relieved she hadn't groped her own son in the car, but the dreams had left her a little pent up, as it were. If only she could be alone with Allen, they could help each other release some of this extra energy. A steam room special caught her eye: a private room available in 30-minute time slots.

"Are there any slots for the private steam rooms available?" she asked the clerk.

He checked and confirmed there was a slot in 10 minutes, but nothing the rest of the day. She jumped on it and asked him to phone up to the room to let her husband know he should join her in the room. After he had done so, she got directions and headed straight to the room to change.

Once changed and in the 'spa', she found it to be a deserted pool and hot tub, with some wooden doors on one wall. Supposing those were the steam rooms, she found the one she had reserved and entered.

Inside were some wooden benches, enough for 4 people to sit comfortably around a central platform holding hot rocks. A jug of water sat next to the rocks, which were heated already.

Jen sat down and poured some water on the rocks, marveling at the amount of steam that rolled out. The heat in the room was now joined by a wall of moist air, making it hard to see. She relaxed against the back wall and waited for her husband to join her.

As she waited the steam started to dissipate so she added more water from the jug until it was hard to see even her hand in front of her face. This was how she wanted it. She didn't want any nosey busybodies snooping into her private room once Allan joined her.

After 5 minutes of soaking in the steam room, Jen was starting to regret the amount of steam she'd generated. She had to breathe slow and the heat had caused a sweat to pop up all over her body. If Allan didn't arrive soon, she was going to abandon her plan.

A few minutes later she was happy to hear the door open and close, the steam swirling with fresh air. Jen closed her eyes in relief as the cool vortex washed over her. She heard Allan step around the platform and sit down on the bench next to her.

"Hey. Can you pour some more water? I was hoping we could have some privacy."

She heard him pick up the jug and soon more billows of wet, hot air spread throughout the room. The renewed heat was almost stifling, but Jen had a plan. She sidled over next to Allan until she was touching his side. She put her hand on his knee, expecting a bathing suit. Instead, she was surprised by the feel of a towel.

"Why don't you take that off?" she said. "I'll join you."

Matching words to action, Jen reached behind her to take off her bikini top and then dropped her shorts. The lack of clothes didn't change the heat level, nor the amount of sweat pouring off of her body, but it did feel naughty. She was in a public place, nude with her husband, and someone could walk in at any moment. She felt the thrill of her nudity take over her brain, insisting that she check to make sure Allan was equally nude. She reached over to where his leg was and found it was indeed bare.

Allan jumped as she touched him, and she said, "Shhhh, relax. I'm just going to give you... a massage."

She purred in the back of her throat, a trick that she knew made her husband crazy with lust. Moving her hand up his leg, she reached his groin, 'accidentally' touching his cock.


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