Elizabeth Defrosted Ch. 03

(All rights reserved. All characters and events are fictional, the participants were all consenting adults, staunch churchgoers and members of the Rotaries. All safety precautions were observed at all times, social distancing was applied etc.)

This is the story of a naïve girl who embarks in a journey into a world of mysticism and sensual discovery. Join her as she reaches for higher levels or self-knowledge and pleasure.

Elizabeth Frost: An 18 year old first year student from an extremely conservative religious background. Her first experience with sex leads her to becoming a disciple or chela of a Tantra adept, and begin to discover a world of pleasure.

Dr Bill Ogden: General practitioner and eventually lover of Elizabeth's

Sunitra: Tantra adept, healer and relationship expert, will become Elizabeth's teacher and master.

03 Elizabeth Meets Sunitra - Lesbian Loving

Doorbells have character. Dr. Bill's had a deep reverberating sound. Elizabeth wondered where she had heard this before. Perhaps in some documentary about monks or religion. Mountains came into the memory, but then the door opened.

He looked completely different in a striped, loose shirt and beige slacks. He had comfortable house slippers on, and welcoming her he pointed out where she could leave her shoes.

"I pretend to follow some eastern practices, and one is that we leave the shoes in the hallway. You can try those slippers, or go barefoot if you prefer."

Real wooden planks seemed to speak directly to the nerves under her soles. A faint smell of something unknown pervaded her nostrils. Deep leather couches surrounded a dark, primitive-looking carpet, and large cushions were spread about the room. No television set was visible.

"Like the décor?"

She looked at him, a little bewildered. "I don't know. Completely different from what you usually see. A different world..."

"Good description. One you may wish to explore, or you can go back to the sterile, plastic one where everything is safe and shallow. Can I propose a glass of white wine?"

She sipped the crisp liquid, staring at the label he offered her, and shook her head. "I don't know much about wine, you know. Mother..."

"So, you have the prospect of learning about it. Try to identify the different tastes it suggests to your palate while I get us something to eat."

He had barely left when the doorbell gonged behind her. From the kitchen he called: "That's probably Sunitra, will you open for her please?"

As the door opened on a slender, dark-haired figure. Elizabeth said, weakly: "Dr. Bill said to come in. I take it you are..."

The dark eyes flashed for a moment, and the girl called with a throaty voice: "Bill, are you setting me up for a threesome? I thought we had planned the weekend?"

His voice sounded from the kitchen: "Come in, lovely. I am whisking up something to eat. Meet Miss Frost, she wants you to teach her."

The girl entered and closed the door behind her with one graceful, fluid move. "Oh, so you are taking decisions on my behalf now?" The laughter in her voice belied the words, and she turned to Elizabeth.

"We are rude, talking over you. I am Sunitra. Namaste." Her hands, palms together, were before her breast, and she gave a little bow, her eyes fixed on Elizabeth's face.

"Er, ah, I suppose... Namaste to you too." The embarrassed girl tried to imitate the gesture, then added: "I am Elizabeth. Doctor Bill said I should ask you if you would help... I mean, teach me about...'

Sunitra raised an eyebrow, and smiled. "He is a beast, but I will think about forgiving him. Come, tell me about it."

She sank, bonelessly, on to a cushion on the brightly coloured carpet, pulling Elizabeth down beside her. "You seem tense and worried. Do I intimidate you? I'm told I do. Relax, I'm a good listener."

Within minutes she had teased the whole story out of the young girl, and was holding one hand, caressing it softly. Bill came into the room with a tray of small bits of food, and Sunitra rose gracefully. Elizabeth watched them kiss, a meeting of lips that became a melding of bodies, Sunitra's hand going behind Bill's neck, pressing his face to hers, hugging her breasts, belly and thighs to his.

When they broke up she let out a sigh, blushed and looked down. "I... I'll go now, I'm intruding on your... "

Sunitra's laugh sounded like bells tinkling. "You're not, sweetie. Relax. A drink? I prescribe some more wine. Bill, you may dispense."

Bill poured and remarked: "Sunitra is a relations therapist, a Tantra adept, and a healer. You can trust her prescriptions, which I endorse. But you don't want to get drunk, now."

The dark girl looked at her seriously. "I agree. In the tantric voyage there is space for external influences on the emotions, but now we just need you to relax. So, let me sum up: Your body informed you that, after years of repressing the natural flowering of your senses you were ready to realize your full potential. And you decided to give yourself to a suitable man. Who turned out not to be up to the level you deserve. Now you feel that the first gift, the first time you gave yourself to a man had been spurned and that, somehow, you are a lesser person. Is that right?"

Elizabeth nodded, half mesmerized by the dark eyes and expressive face. "I do feel as if he had, you know, dirtied me somehow."

Sunitra smiled reassuringly. "I understand that. Now to work through that, to realize the value you have, you must discover the love, the pleasure that you have in you, the value you can share with someone else. Is that it?"

Elizabeth sat back and nodded. It felt good to have someone understand her. But then she twisted her hands and looked down. "It's just that I will be interfering with your evening, you two have something going."

"And why do you say that?"

"Well, that kiss..."

Sunitra's laugh pealed out. "That kiss! I do love kissing, and Bill is a good kisser. How's your kissing? Want to show me?"

Elizabeth brushed anew. "I never kissed, you know, like that. But kissing a girl is sin, no? I mean lesbians..."

Sunitra nodded. "I understand that some people may have taught you that. And they are wrong. You are born lesbian or not, and that has little to do with your ability to give or receive enjoyment from a woman or a man. So stop worrying about that, and come show me how you would kiss me."

Bill sat back and watched the two girls face each other. Elizabeth lifted her face to the taller Sunitra, aiming to peck her on the cheek, but a hand went around her neck. "I love your hair, it looks like gold. So soft." Then Sunitra's mouth caressed her lips, while she smelt the musky perfume from her skin. The kiss went deeper, Sunitra's lips opening to hers, and the hand behind her neck went into an embrace. The other hand went to her back, slid down her spine, and came to rest just above her buttocks. She was drowning in the warm wetness of Sunitra's mouth, the touch of the tip of her tongue, the breath in her nostrils, the thrusting breasts against her chest, the soft thighs parting hers until she could feel the thrust of Sunitra's mount against her belly.

At last she broke away and laughed, out of breath. "Wow, that's... I don't know what to say."

"Well, don't say it. It is your turn to kiss me, so show me."

Again their mouths met, again their lips parted. Her tongue ventured to touch the other girl's lips, part them, taste the sweetness of her mouth, touch her teeth, her soft, pliant tongue. She breathed and leant into the soft yielding body, allowing her breasts to touch, to press, to caress. Her thighs felt for the other's legs, and before she could stop herself she was rubbing her mound against a muscular thigh. Her tentative thrusting was answered by a rhythmic reaction, a soft reply that promised undreamt-of intimacy.

Bill watched the two bodies, intent on discovering each other, cling together, twine, touch, and he had to ease his growing erection. The fair hair and the dark mingled, the faces met and he could see the flush of passion rise in Elizabeth's fair skin.

Sunitra drew back, cupping the fair face in her hands. "Not half bad for a beginner. I see I am going to have lots of fun teaching you. And here is the voyeur, enjoying himself. You beast, what are you waiting for? We are starving!"

They snacked on tidbits that teased Elizabeth's tastebuds. Sunitra kept trying to guess what they contained, winking at Elizabeth: "Stuffed with aphrodisiacs, you can bet on it! At least, that is what he thinks. This has raw tuna, good enough, but what is this? Ginger? Ok, and something else. Oh, I give up. This one I know, but pepper on raw salmon is so old hat. Ahh, this is new. What's it, Bill?"

He leant forward. "A herb they claim is from Tibet. Gives the food a slightly garlic taste. And that is saffron, of course. Some more wine?"

They leant back, sated, against the cushions. Elizabeth suppressed a soft burp, then looked shyly at the other girl. "So, will you teach me? What do I have to do to learn?"

Sunitra looked at her, her voice going a little hard. "Look, love, you do not know what you are asking. I can teach you, yes, but if I accept you as a chela, my disciple, it will not be for a day or a week, it may be for years. You will have to follow my instructions, eat what I tell you to, do what I order you to do. Some may be pleasurable, some things you may find disgusting, some just plain boring. If I tell you to do something, I expect you to obey. I will expect you to attend my yoga classes, pay your dues, and help when you have learnt a bit. Do you think you can do that?"

Elizabeth sat back a little. She had had in mind a few lessons, a book to read, but this sounded a lot more intense. But on the other hand she had begun to feel that her life needed some guidance, some direction.

"A few years? Wow, I am not sure... But I do want to learn."

Sunitra sat up and leant towards her. "You will have to make a commitment to me. I will expect you to come to my yoga studio Wednesday afternoon, for a start. Bill, be a dear and get a pamphlet from my purse. There, and note the fees, ok? You can pay for the semester. Now give me your hand."

Her fingers rested on the young girl's pulse, and she nodded. "Good, you seem healthy and strong, but you will need to balance your body. You are eating too much meat. Don't cut it out altogether, at least not now. You need more exercise, and there is a degree of dehydration. Bill, she needs water, then you can refill her wine glass. Mine is empty too."

Elizabeth looked up at him. "Wow, she can see all that from feeling my pulse?"

Sunitra smiled. "Yes, and much more, but that will suffice for a start. Now feel this, when I trace the meridian up your arm with my finger. Feel where it is going?"

The blonde girl shivered at the sensation moving up her arm, the sense of touch seeming to radiate into her shoulder, spreading over her back and chest. A finger touched a pressure point. "There, do your breasts tingle? Good, now take off your dress and feel your nipples. Come on, he has seen girls naked before."

The wine had broken down some of the reserve, and Elizabeth stood, unzipped and dropped her dress, then removed the bra. Sunitra smiled. "What nice breasts you have, soft and heavy. There is a pressure point here, see, it activates the nerves in your breasts. Feel it? But you are breathing all wrong."

Elizabeth self-consciously reached for her chest, her hand lingering on the tingling nipples, now crinkling into pink points. "Breathe wrong? What do you mean?"

Sunitra moved closer to her, undoing her own wrap-around dress. "The first thing you have to learn is how to breathe. Most people don't know how important it is. So we are going to learn the circular breath. But first take off your panties, we have to get in touch with nature."

Elizabeth struggled to slip off the sensible cotton panties, while noticing that the dark girl had worn none under the brightly coloured dress that now lay behind her, discarded like a butterfly's chrysalis. And the body that had emerged was indeed splendid. A taut belly was framed by ample hips above a dark mound, while small, pert breasts with dark, prominent nipples caught the eye. She felt herself blush.

Sunitra reached out to her. "And what a nice bush! Oh, such a pity to lose that lovely colour, but at least for a start you will have to shave, my dear. Still, you are beautiful. Now, come and sit on this cushion, so. One leg straight, sit on my leg, and crook the other leg behind me. I do the same, see? So we are close to each other. Now, place your left hand on your forehead, and use your thumb and forefinger to touch your nostrils. The index finger remains on the forehead, touching the third eye. You will learn about that later. Now, first you gently close the one nostril with the thumb, and inhale slowly. There, a little more. And now you close the other nostril with the forefinger, and exhale. See? The breath goes in a circle."

Elizabeth's eyes were closed, and she concentrated on the feeling of her breath coursing in and out of her nose. As if from afar Sunitra's voice came: "Now your right hand goes here, between my breasts, where you can feel my heartbeat, and I do the same. Do you feel the connection? Good. Now, just relax into the exercise, and I will breathe with you. Relax, feel yourself go into the breath, become the breath. I will direct the exercise, and guide you."

Elizabeth felt the heat of the hand rise into her breasts, and the breath seemed to warm her up even more, pulsing with her heartbeat into the rest of her body. Or was it the heartbeat she felt through her palm, touching those soft, yielding breasts? Was she breathing or was she feeling the other girl's chest moving up and down? She felt herself drifting into a warm, dark, rhythmically pulsing universe where everything was in harmony, where everything was reduced to touch, the perfume of warm bodies, of closeness and safety. The sound of the two breaths became like the waves of the ocean, warm, breaking, retreating, building, cresting, breaking...

As if from afar she felt Sunitra's hand move from between her breasts, sliding down, caressing the roundness of her belly, and she felt her hand, as if without volition, doing the same. She felt the muscles move under the soft skin, as if it was the other hand feeling hers. Her belly tensed, warmth coursed through her body as the hand descended, touched the springy pubic hair, teased its way down into the warmth of her genitals. She felt herself touch the smoothness of the other girl's belly, the roughness of her shaven mound, the warm, yielding wetness of her lips. Her questing finger discovered the springy clitoris, the softness of the inner lips as she felt herself approaching a crest of warmth, of urgent emotion, which receded as the hand on her genitals went still.

Another shared breath, another exhalation, another inhalation, and the touch of the hand on her vulva had become unbearable. Then a finger teased her entrance, and, as she approached the crest, plunged into her vagina.

She could bear no more, and with a cry, threw her head back to gulp in air as the fire of her orgasm exploded through her, washing away any trace of control, centering her whole being on the pulsing delight in her belly. And the intrusive finger thrust, teased, tortured her as if part of herself, keeping the contractions going, keeping the wave from receding, until, exhausted by the emotion and exertion, she collapsed on the cushions Bill had placed behind her.

For a long minute she was senseless to the world, then heard as if from a distance, Bill saying: "Wow, that was a big one for someone as untrained as she is. I hope she is all right."

Sunitra replied with a throaty laugh. "I have never heard of someone injured by an orgasm. Not yet, anyway. But she did have a good one. Come now, baby, tell us how it was."

She leant over the blonde girl, applying the pressure of her body to the limp body, and Elizabeth smiled, replying as if in a warm haze: "I'm dreaming. It was so good, I have never felt so... so complete. Just give me a few seconds."

Sunitra smiled, caressing the blond hair, smoothing the pearls of perspiration from her flushed face. "Take all the time you want, love, there is no hurry. Now take a few deep breaths again, and feel your body, take stock of how you feel, how you reacted. And remind yourself that this is good, healthy. This is what your body was made for, what it needs. This is how you validate yourself.'

Elizabeth lay still for a few minutes, revelling in the glorious warmth and relaxation of her body, the feel of the slim body on hers. As she began to stir Sunitra slipped away, and Bill offered a fresh glass of chilled Chablis.












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